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Having Done All To Stand

As followers of Christ, we are inherently deployed to spiritual combat. Though it may appear that we are fighting against people and systems we are fighting against principalities, powers, and evil rulers of darkness in high places.

In Having Done All to Stand, the author unpacks God's armor through the lens of the Apostle Paul to the remnant of believers in Ephesus and offers insight, reflection, and prayer prompts for such a time as this. God has a remnant today and He is calling us to put on the whole armor of God so that we will be able to stand and withstand in this evil day.

As the days get increasingly darker so will the intensity of the battle. As members of God's army, we must not be caught off guard. We must have eyes to see who the real enemy is. Cultivate keen discernment. Stay alert and have ears to hear our Commander and garner hearts that are ready to obey His orders and be dressed for battle. As we train in righteousness we position ourselves for an overwhelming victory in and through Christ Jesus.

The Gracious  Hand of God

A message of hope and restoration to help us persevere in these trying times from the book of Ezra.

The Gracious Hand of God is an abbreviated but rich bible study on the Book of Ezra. The author unpacks powerful, significant, and timely truths from this book of restoration. It evokes hope, renewal, recalibration, repentance, and personal revival for such a time as this. 2020 has been a year of global shaking, pestilence, lawlessness, unrest, and exposition.

The jarring in these tumultuous times have caused idols to fall and has awakened us from our complacency, comfortability, and has caused us to cry out to God like never before. A careful study from the life of Ezra and those he admonished helps us to gain revelation, new strength, fresh fire, and endurance to navigate through these perilous times.


There is an urgency for alignment to God's Word in this hour. This calibration will position believers to be endowed with more power from on high to witness, endure, and stand strong and unshakeable without compromise in these perilous times. When all that can be shaken is shaken, we serve a God that cannot be moved.

Prayer Matters

In this book Prayer Matters, I share my testimony of  how inviting God into my situation by persevering and believing prayer has released the power of God to bring deliverance, healing, freedom, and restoration to my life. I share my life experiences and how I am a testimoney of God's faithfulness and His power to transform lives for his glory.

An eye-opening testimony of healing, freedom & restoration.

Tools to aid in peace & transformation.


5 star Amazon ratings.

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