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Arise and Shine!

“Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1

Arise and shine for your light has come

Thank You Lord for all the amazing things You’ve done

This year has had its highs, lows and in between

Through it all I’ve tried to keep the faith and believe for the unseen

Some days were dark and I couldn’t see the light.

My heart would be heavy and my mind would race through the night

I admit at times I would feel so lost

I knew in following You that there would be a cost

Through the tears sometimes I couldn’t see my way

I would often have to push myself to read Your word and pray

I knew deep in my heart that You were always with me

Although Your hand in my life I couldn’t see

I kept telling myself, “There is nothing too hard for You.”

Thank You Lord! You enabled me to keep the faith. You carried me through

Your word in my heart I would often hide

You promised in Your word that You would increase my greatness and comfort me on every side

I thank You Lord for refreshing my soul!

By Your Spirit and love You have made me whole

You flooded my heart with rivers of living water and embraced me with Your glorious touch

Your presence in my darkness I longed for so much

Now my faith is uplifted and now I can see!

Your all-penetrating light has revived me!

You alone are called Faithful and True

For each and every time Your word performed what You sent it to do

Now I can arise for my light has come

I can behold the presence of Your One and only Son!

The glory of the Lord is upon me

Empowering me to be all You created me to be!

I resign myself to You as I embark on another blessed year

You are my light and my salvation, I have nothing to fear

From the depths of my heart I cry out and say

Lord You have thine own way

I will keep my eyes on You, my only Source of light

I thank You that Your word is a lamp unto my feet and it arms me to fight the good fight

Lord all that I am I give to You

All things for Your glory is what my heart longs to do

Arise and shine for Your glory!

With Your great grace upon me, Your plan will go forth in my life and I will fulfill Your story

Lord I ask You to bless me and family in this new year

Cover us with Your precious blood and protect all we hold dear

Bless my children and all that they put their hands to do for You

I have no greater joy than to know that they walk in truth

May delighting ourselves in You be our heart’s desire

Consume us with Your all-consuming fire

Lord bless my husband, my king, beyond measure

May his cup runneth over and our marriage be filled with much pleasure

A three cord strand is not easily broken

Your word over our union we have spoken

Lord prosper and bless me and my family in You

Perform Your word in us, saturate us with Your Holy presence through and through

Lord bless us, keep us, be gracious to us and give us peace

May Your favor be upon us, Your kingdom first and Your righteousness we will seek

May we give ear to Your words and not let them out of our sight

For Your words are life and health to our bodies and our faith Your words ignite

In heaven Your word is forever settled

Protect us this year from all schemes and fiery darts of the devil

No weapon formed against us shall rise

Under Your wings we shall take refuge and You cover us on every side

Fill us overflowing with Your Holy Spirit so afresh

May we walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh

May we give ourselves continually in prayer and be full of faith and power

For no man knows the day or the hour

Lord give us boldness to speak Your Word

We must witness to others, Your gospel message must be heard

Lord open the door of faith for us to the lost

Draw them by Your Spirit and may they receive the finished work that was done on the cross

Father we enter into another year with not just another cliché

I ask for perseverance and endurance to run this race

For those who endure to the end will be saved

My prayer is that I will follow closely the path You have paved

Gracious, faithful, wonder-working God of Light

You are clothed with majesty, power and great might

Your works are everlasting and You are eternally the same

We are blessed going out and blessed going in, in Jesus name.

Arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

Brightest Blessings Ahead!!

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