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Hope for the Hopeless

Updated: May 3, 2022

The Lord has placed on my heart a burden to pray for those who others have counted out. You know the ones that seem to be so far gone that there "seems" to be no hope left for them? People who've made wrong choices and as a result have fallen on very hard times. The downtrodden. Those battling addictions, wrong mindsets, and struggling to cope with the results of abuse, rejection, hurt and emotional trauma. As we glean through the scriptures we take notice of real people, with real issues and how one encounter with Jesus changed their lives.

One encounter with Jesus can change everything and transform lives to the glory of God and one powerful and effective way is through persevering and prevailing prayer. There is hope for the "seemingly" hopeless. His name is Jesus.

I pray you are encouraged and your heart to stirred to pray for those who "appear" to be counted out to be counted in as righteous, healed, and restored!

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