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Knowing God as Father

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8

I’ve heard it said that our experience or lack thereof, of our earthly fathers, influences how we perceive and experience our Heavenly Father. In my personal experience, I’ve found this to be true. A father’s contribution and presence in a child’s life has a monumental impact and can influence the trajectory of our lives for the good or the bad.

Fathers typically are the ones who lay down the rules and are the authority in the house. Good fathers also affirm, show affection, build confidence and provide a sense of security and protection. On the flip side, the effects of having an absent father can be detrimental and can have lingering lifelong effects.

Many may have had a wonderful father-child experience growing up so their initial and progressive relationship with Father God has been based on who He is sparked from a healthy father-child relationship. However, some may have had a father that ruled with an iron fist and they may perceive God as this mean God that you have to work hard for His love and acceptance.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

We all know it; we’ve all heard it. It’s probably the most known and most quoted scripture but it’s one thing to know it in your head. But do you really know it in your heart? It's hard to even comprehend this massive love God has for us, a love so immense that God gave His only Son to suffer rejection, betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, and such a horrendous death. Jesus who knew no sin died for the sins of the world, it was Him that God

gave . ....

Ponder this for a moment in regards to a relationship with someone close to you who has failed you. Disappointed you. Didn’t show up for you. Betrayed you. Abandoned you. Rejected you. Angered you. Didn’t say or show in meaningful ways that they loved you.

I've found that a lot of times, certainly not all the time, people only give what they themselves have been given. They didn’t get so they don’t know how to properly give. It’s not until they have an encounter with the Lover of their soul. The One who gave, that they are able to receive His love and then give from the springs of the His heart to others.

When people fail us and come up short of even the minimum standard of meaningful love for us it stings bad but we must always keep in mind that only God loves perfectly and as we grow in Him. Learn from Him. Abide in Him. Obey Him. Walk with Him. Receive from Him; do we catch His heart for us and for others.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wise to hold people responsible and to have healthy realistic expectations and even create space/and or permanent space between you and them if need be but sometimes where we set the bar for others can be high for them to reach with what they’ve been given.

Only God sits high. He alone is altogether perfect and fully trustworthy. We all fall but thank God in heaven for His immeasurable grace, mercy, love, and faithfulness to pick us back up. Over and over again.

Know that I'm not naive to the fact that there are times when people know and can do better but aren't there times that we know and can do better as well and yet God forgives us?

“Then Peter came to Him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?” No, not seven times,” Jesus replied, but seventy times seven!” Matthew 18:21-22

Forgiveness is not a pass but it sure does have a purpose. To free us and position us for God’s healing touch and freedom.

God is faithful in every way!

Trusting in man can only get us so far, then they fail. That’s what imperfect people do. As much as those we hold dear to us love us, they are human. They fail us. We fail them. God is the only One who is never failing and our deepest expectations must come from Him alone. As good as our intentions are we all fall short but God is faithful in every way.

People are just that; people. Broken. Battling. Wounded. Humans; with self- serving tendencies and imperfections in their love. God is the only One who loves perfectly.

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5

When we hope in God He does not disappoint. People will and when they do the good in it is that it draws us deeper into the arms of the Father. It shifts our expectations and our focus from them to Him.

The disappointment, betrayal, rejection cause us to bend our knees and bow our hearts in fervent prayer, deeper dependency, eager hope, and pure worship to our Father in heaven; expecting all from the One who so freely gave His all for us.

He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32

God gave His Son who was despised and rejected, a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. He was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins, He was beaten so that we could be made whole and by His stripes, we are healed. Isaiah 53:4-5

Healing is available for our wounded hearts. Daddy wounds, mama wounds, child wounds, spouse wounds, friend wounds, church wounds. Whatever the hurt Jesus bore it and knows all about it. He knows all about pain, abandonment, betrayal and He was and is the most rejected of all. The One who died for us and reconciled us to our Father; Jesus the Son of the Living God, and by His stripes, we are healed.

It's important to note that God heals in many ways. Through prayer. Worship. Praise. His Word. I've personally been healed through worship and God exchanged my spirit of heaviness with the oil of joy!

Other effective ways that God can heal and help us to work through our brokenness is through wise and Godly counsel from a friend or family member and professional therapy. GOD is the Father and we are the children. He is the Mighty Healer, The Great Physician and whatever prescription He prescribes for you is working for your good, healing you, and setting you free!

Just as a bad injury takes time to heal, healing emotional trauma is a process as well. It's a journey, and it's uncomfortable and boy is it painful at times because the wounds are still open. But know that no matter how it hurts, be assured that you are healing, getting better, stronger and you will breakthrough!

Be assured that Father had you in mind and on His heart when He gave His precious Son. He has always wanted to adopt you into His family, accept you as His own, and lavish you with His love.

You have unsurmountable value, and your value is not based on the love, acceptance, rejection of people, but your value is based on the price Father paid for you with the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ.

We can take heart in knowing that our heartaches, disappointments, and voids are opportunities for God to show forth His glory and perfect everything concerning us.

You, dear sister, my dear brother are never alone. Father is with you. He doesn't change or switch up on you. He's never too busy and His love is steady.

He is the Perfect Father and the empty places in our hearts are open wells for Him to pour out His love and fill us with His Spirit that prompts us to cry out Abba Father . . . .

Just think about it . . . . Your Father is the Creator of heaven and earth. The Most High God. The One who rides the heavens to help you! The Eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms!

It is in Him we place our ultimate trust. Trust in Him is never misplaced because He is fully trustworthy and never failing.

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