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Open Your Eyes!

"Don't you have a saying, "It is still four months until the harvest? "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are already ripe for harvest." ~ Jesus Christ
John 4:35

Well, it's harvest time again at my house. My husband came in with a few huge zucchinis! They were ripe for the picking. One thing I've learned in gardening is that you have to get to the harvest when it's ripe because the little critters will sneak in there and nibble away at your produce a little bit at a time.

Much like our physical harvest, God's spiritual harvest is truly ripe. The harvest of souls. People are heartbroken. Worried. Fearful and heavy burdened. Looking for hope. Lost like sheep without a Shepherd. In need of the Savior. It's during this time the enemy much like the little critters that come into our garden to devour it will sneak in to devour lives. To steal, kill, and destroy. But we take heart because now is also a ripened time for God's people to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

The time is now. The fields are already ripe for harvest!

I pray that you are blessed by the latest podcast: Open Your Eyes!

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