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Ouch That Still Hurts!

When Old Wounds Resurface

This is my first attempt at blogging. Although I’m very excited, my content is not what I had expected my first blog to be about. Oh I thought about writing about the love of God of which I’m very passionate about. “God loves you” is such a simple phrase but those three words are so powerful. As a matter of fact, when I got a true revelation of those three words, my life began to change. See, I’ve been broken for most of my life and at times my broken pieces start to dismantle. The moment I think I am whole God reveals to me that there are parts of me that are damaged.

When emotional wounds are not healed completely and correctly, they open back up and cause us as much pain as if it were the original puncture wound. God will allow things to happen to get your immediate attention to a wound that we didn’t even know still existed. I had a wound resurface recently and it caused my heart to ache so terribly. It brought up old memories and pain that I thought was long gone. I hadn’t felt that way in a very long time. Besides I thought I was done with it. I was made whole in Jesus name! So I thought. It really took me by surprise because I thought I had let go of the past, I forgave everyone I could think of, dealt with my issues, prayed about it, and now I was finally moving forward with my life. Behold God was about to do a new thing! To my surprise, before God could do a new thing, I had to deal with an old thing that was lying dormant somewhere deep inside.

I asked myself, “Lord how can I finally get over this hurt?” I just wanted to be done with it forever. The feelings of rejection, abandonment, feelings of never being good enough, and even the poison of jealousy crept in. All this erosion in my heart built up over years of feeling inadequate and not ever being able to live up to what someone else expected of me. God showed me that my perspective was wrong. Instead of reflecting on people who hurt me, unresolved issues and misdirected expectations to focusing on the people I have in my life that love me just as I am. To not forsake the life or the people that He has blessed me with me now by focusing on the hurt from my past by others. Most importantly, God impressed on my heart to look to Him. All I need is in Him. He loves me unconditionally and my expectation has to come from Him alone. If I didn’t get that realization I would continue to deal with this ugly, painful wound that keeps showing its ugly head. God lets me know in such a powerful, majestic, glorious but gentle way that He loves me. He is my Everlasting Father and I am His precious daughter. He will never leave me. He’s all accessible and His love is inexhaustible. I have the assurance that I’m good enough for Him and that is more than enough.

Well it was not my intention to write about the love of God. He had another plan and I went with it. You see, you can’t have true healing without the love of God. Someone needs to know that God loves you. His love is unconditional and knows no limits. People may change, circumstances may change but God’s love for you never wavers. It’s never changing, never ending, nothing can stop it. Receive it today deep in your heart and allow His love to repair the damage in your soul. Release the pain of abandonment or rejection. Healing is a process, allow God to heal you completely. He can go to those deep wounded secret places in the heart and bring wholeness. Abide in Him in prayer, in His word, in His Holy presence, and you will be made whole and complete in Him. He’ll take the pain away. You won’t even know it was there. God is just that remarkable! Wounds are healed when love is the salve. God is love. Behold the new has come! Moving forward.

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